Jang Yoon-jung, troubled parenting daughter full of energy “Wait a minute, isn’t it cute?” (‘Dojang TV’)

[OSEN=강서정 기자] Trot singer Jang Yoon-jung revealed a super-simple stir-fried chrysalis recipe.

On the 12th, on the YouTube channel ‘Dojang TV’, ‘pupa! A video titled, “Don’t eat with ‘tang’ anymore~ (aka easy but too easy chrysalis dish)” was posted.

When Do Gyeong-wan asked, “It’s 5 p.m., are you making late-night snacks already?” I need to supplement with some protein.”

The material prepared by Jang Yoon-jung was a pupa. Jang Yoon-jung said, “Don’t you usually boil soup? It is a super-simple snack that can be made with a pupa. It is stir-fried pupa. It’s unfamiliar, but we didn’t eat it. Those who see it must be unfamiliar, right?”

However, the second daughter of Do Gyeong-wan and Jang Yoon-jung continued to disturb Jang Yoon-jung, and eventually Jang Yoon-jung said, “Do you only see the good side of the child? Isn’t she saying, ‘Oh, the kids in that house are so pretty and cute?’” she said with a liberated smile.

Even after that, the daughter’s interruption continued, and Jang Yoon-jung cried out and said, “Wait a minute, isn’t it cute?”

Jang Yoon-jung eventually sped up at the interference of the two children. She added soy sauce and oligosaccharides to the pupae and added garlic and red pepper. His son admired it, saying, “From the smell, it is of high quality,” and Jang Yoon-jung liked his son’s reaction. /[email protected]

[사진] video capture

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