Jang Yoon-jung warned her husband Do Gyeong-wan, who had declared “free”


[인사이트] Reporter Lee Won-sun = I remembered the words of a request from my wife Jang Yoon-jung when broadcaster Do Gyeong-wan decided to become a freelancer.

On SBS’Tikitaka’, which aired on the 2nd, three former and incumbent announcers Do Gyeong-wan, Kim Hwan, and Jo Jung-sik appeared.

On that day’s broadcast, Do Gyeong-wan shared the words his wife, Jang Yoon-jung, had asked for after leaving KBS. Singer Kyu-hyun, who appeared together, asked Do Gyeong-wan, “After the pre-declaration, I heard that there are frequent quarrels with Jang Yoon-jung. What happened?”

Do Gyeong-wan said, “When I left the company, my wife asked me,’Because you are my spouse, I will not pretend I don’t know. Don’t be offended with the help I’m giving. Just don’t use my reputation at all.'”



In response to Jang Yoon-jung’s sincere words, Do Gyeong-wan frankly confided, “After leaving the company for no reason, I was worried about’Isn’t it hurting Yun-jung’s reputation?” At the same time, he trembled, saying, “Recently, I have a situation where I can’t avoid mentioning my wife on the air, so I often get advice.”

Do Gyeong-wan added, “When I go home, my wife says,’Did you talk about me again today?’ But she asks me, what should I do?’ Then it is difficult for my wife to advise’I should answer that indirectly’.”

In response, Kim Goo-ra said, “But I don’t see Do Gyeong-wan deliberately doing Jang Yoon-jung. In Do Gyeong-wan’s point of view, it is not allowed to say,’Do not talk about Jang Yoon-jung.’ Brought on.

Meanwhile, Do Gyeong-wan entered the broadcasting industry as a public announcement announcer for the 35th KBS in 2008, and then submitted his resignation to KBS in February.

Even after appearing on JTBC’s’Knowing Brother’ in March, he drew attention by revealing the contents of the request he had heard from his wife after the’pre-declaration’.


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