Jānis Slaidiņš: Ammunition factories in Europe have started working at full capacity

“There is always talk about how much and what kind of weapons the allies are giving to Ukraine to fight against the occupiers. Remind me, what about the production of armaments? Warehouses are not inexhaustible and military factories do not work continuously,” a viewer of TV24’s “Actual war in Ukraine” program asks NBS major, National Guard staff officer Jānis Slaidin.

“As far as I know, ammunition factories in Europe have started working at full capacity. Funding for Ukrainian ammunition is. To say that there is absolutely nothing left and that the military industry does not work, it would not be possible to say that,” says Slaidiņš.

The NBS major knows to say that the US also has an order and they have switched to “24/7 mode” in the production of ammunition.



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2023-05-24 18:10:00

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