Sport Janssen is annoyed: 'It is a pity that the...

Janssen is annoyed: ‘It is a pity that the tone of the debate is so extreme. Bitten. Hostile’

FC Utrecht captain Willem Janssen thinks it is too premature to stop the Eredivisie already, a scenario that Ajax, PSV and AZ, among others, were aiming for. The captain does not say that footballers should receive preferential treatment, but thinks it is wiser to follow the guidelines of the authorities and simply wait.

“It bothers me when people think that footballers want to place themselves on a different level,” says Janssen in de Volkskrant. “Like: the whole world is standing still and footballers think they have an exceptional position. That is nonsense. If the government says: it is not possible, then there is no club or player who says: we want to. That is not the discussion By asking clarity now, you put football above all else, because nobody has clarity. “

Janssen thinks it is logical that possible scenarios are looked at. “It is logical that you as an industry look for a way to continue. To finish the sport as honestly as possible and financially favorable. Perhaps against your better judgment. If you can train according to RIVM guidelines, first in small groups, shouldn’t that be possible? Let specialists do their work quietly. Health always comes first. Of course, boys are also afraid of their family. But it is still so far away. Then you say no in advance. meanwhile scenarios. “

Janssen is sorry that so many interests are being used in this crisis. “That football is hit hard is nothing more than normal. The whole society is hit hard. You don’t have to be a scientist to see that. Everyone is doing their utmost to keep the economic and sports decline as small as possible. It is unfortunate that the tone of the debate is sometimes so extreme. Confused. Hostile. I would say: step out as one front “, Janssen concludes.


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