Japan role-playing game with time travel mechanics is out today

Publisher Modus Games and the developer duo Dreams Uncorporated & SYCK are today Crystals (from 37,99€ at to buy) for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.com), PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia. The role-playing game will be available for 39.99 euros at the time of release. The console versions will also appear as a retail box in retail stores (Details). Our test is in progress, but won’t be ready this week.

Modus Games: “Cris Tales is a JRPG that brings the past, present and future together on one screen. Players can use Crisbell’s amazing ability to jump between time eras to both aid citizens of the Crystallis kingdoms and carry out surprise attacks on enemies If Crisbell is to save her magical world from evil, she must use her power to shape the past, present and future as she gathers allies to aid her in her mission. “

Last current video: Launch trailer


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