Japanese netizens who have transformed the PS4 into a portable version have recently shared the ultra-lightweight evolutionary version, which has reduced the weight by more than 50%

At the beginning of this year, we introduced aThe Japanese technology house converted the original large PlayStation 4 console into a portable type, It is not only equipped with a display screen, but also equipped with a battery, so you can play anywhere. But at the beginning, this version was actually a bit big, and the weight was not so light. It was not very convenient to carry. Recently, he shared a new and improved version. The weight was reduced by more than 50%, which is quite powerful. I did not expect it to be reduced so much. .

Image source: DX Terraces

Japanese netizens share PS4 portable ultra-lightweight evolutionary version, which is more than 50% lighter

A few days ago, the Japanese technology house “DX Terrace,” which produced a portable PS4, shared on Twitter a new version that successfully reduced the weight of the old version. The original version was 6.6 kg, but now it is 2.2 kg, which is a total loss of 4.4 kg. And from the point of view of the video, the PS4 does work normally. I hear the music on the homepage, and there is no power cord connected, which means it is powered directly by the built-in battery. It can be played for about 1 hour in a fully charged state, which is similar to the old version. Same:

Comparison of actual weight:

After the weight has been greatly reduced, this one can truly be called a portable PS4, which can be left out with the handle on top. However, compared with the old version, there is still a shortcoming. There is no protection on the outside. If you are not careful, the screen may crash.

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In addition, he also added that this 2.2 kg is not the final version, and there are some things that have not been installed, such as the back shell, which will be a bit heavier, but not much worse.

The production cost this time is also cheaper than the previous version, currently controlled at 20,000 yen (previously 50,000 yen), which is about NT$5,000:

As for the installation process, it is actually similar to the old version, but simpler. Later, he should also share the process video:

It is a pity that, like the old version, after the lightweight portable PS4 is finished, he does not plan to sell it. Therefore, those who want to own one can only rebuild it manually.

This is the complete production process of the old version. Those who are interested can take a look. The Twitter of DX Terrace also records the photos and experience of the previous production stage:

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