Japanese TV suspends the performance of the BTS band for controversial T-shirts

9 November 2018 09:27













The controversy shirt who wore to member of the popular South Korean group BTS He caused his performance in a Japanese television

The channel Asahi noticed that the controversy on the shirt with a drawing of a explosion of a nuclear bomb It was the reason why he canceled the BTS band's performance, integrated only by the boys, into his program "Music Station".

"We offer excuses to audience who had been happy with this performance, "he says today (9 November 2018) in channel web.

Japan is the only country on the planet that has lived explosion of nuclear bombs, that the United States launched in August 1945 onwards Hiroshima is Nagasaki during the Second World War.

The images of the BTS singer's t-shirt Jimin have triggered a flood of comments in social network japonesas.

The shirt shows the mushroom which is formed after a nuclear explosion together with the words "patriotism", "our history", "liberation", "Korea".

The singer apparently wore the shirt to remember the liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial power (1910-1945), reports the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

The BTS group (Boygroup Bangtan Boys) is also known outside Korea. Formed in 2013, it consists of seven young who are now music stars, have their documentary and in their channel YouTube It has more than ten million subscribers.


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