Javier Iglesias highlights the “obsession” of the Salamanca County Council for creating opportunities in rural areas


The president of the Salamanca Provincial Council, Javier Iglesias, trusts that the new year will be “that of hope” and that of the return to the “longed for” normality, after a 2020 “marked by the pandemic” and in which society has lived an “odyssey” due to COVID-19 and its effects.

In an interview with Europa Press, he highlighted the “great budget” that the provincial institution will have in 2021, with 117.3 million euros, which will have “a lot to do with employment.”

In this line of work, “without forgetting social spending”, Javier Iglesias acknowledges: “In the Provincial Council we are obsessed with creating opportunities in rural areas, in any of the municipalities”.

For this reason, he emphasizes that more than 15 million will be “for employment”, a “record number of public money destined to direct employment policies of the County Council”. “I do not think there is an administration that allocates ten percent of its constant and sound budget to the creation of employment and opportunities in rural areas,” he adds.

Among the programs to which part of these funds go is that of bringing talent closer to rural areas, which comes through agreements such as the one signed with the University of Salamanca (USAL), which is a “pioneer” and which “have copied “other public administrations, in the words of the provincial president.

It also underlines the employment strategy, which is convened every year “with great success”, with its own funds intended for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are committed to “starting a business” in the province.

In addition, it highlights the “vocation” of the small municipalities, who “from the proximity” help the neighbors and do so with public money that comes from La Salina. “We are in record numbers of transfers of public resources from the Provincial Council to the municipalities,” he adds. BUDGET

Regarding the budget, he values ​​that the institution has been able to incorporate at the last moment the 2.6 million from the liquidation of the participation in the state taxes of 2018, which will allow for greater investment in new water treatment plants in the province.

“Like these years, it is an investment budget, which has a lot to do with employment, which has a lot to do with the protection of the most vulnerable people, a budget that takes into account the situation of rural people”, aim.

This budget document for 2021, as stated, “has a lot to do with people and with the real problems and the possible solution of the real problems of Salamanca in this year 2021, the post-covid year.” NEW YEAR

Javier Iglesias recognizes that at this time he shares the common feeling of wanting to start the new year and “leave behind” a 2020 “marked by the pandemic” and its effects on health, the economy or social.

However, the Salamanca politician insists on the importance of moving forward with “great care” because, at this moment, “the vaccines have only begun” and it takes time to “leave this odyssey behind.” HARDEST MOMENT

On the hardest moment, Javier Iglesias looks back at the Europa Press interview and acknowledges that “the first weeks were terrible, due to the enormous uncertainty, due to the lack of knowledge”.

“We did not know where it was attacking us, we did not know how it was transmitted; nobody told us anything, because it was not known,” recalls the president of the Salamanca County Council about those initial moments.

“We were groping, we were really blind and we had to make painful, dramatic, difficult decisions, but I think they were right to try to take the Provincial Council, in what we have entrusted, for the best direction,” he adds. PENDING SUBJECT

Among the tasks of the new year, as Iglesias points out, is to improve the “information highways” and that these connections, such as the internet, reach the entire province in good condition.

On this, the Salamanca president clarifies that the provincial institution has wanted to bring broadband closer to the Salamanca municipalities but that, due to “competition problems”, it has not been possible to advance in the initiative.

For this reason, he asks “strongly the Government of Spain” that “a large part” of the European funds that are going to arrive be used to “minimize the gap that still exists between rural and urban areas in terms of new technologies and the information highways “.

In this field, Iglesias insists that there is “much to do” and that the arrival of funds offers “a historic opportunity” to face the situation, facilitate opportunities for development and telework, to “start businesses”, to promote leisure or educational tools in rural schools and, thus, “have the same” in technological resources as large or medium-sized populations.

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