Javier Milei defeats Peronism and Argentina launches into an unprecedented political experiment in the country

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From television to the Casa Rosada in less than three years: Javier Milei won the presidential elections in Argentina this Sunday and will lead from December 10 the third economy in Latin America, which is thus launching into an unprecedented political and economic experiment.

The populist ultraliberal prevailed over the Peronist Sergio Massa, that before the results were known he accepted the resounding defeat, 55.79% against 44.20% scrutinized 94.70% of the votes.

“I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him, because he is the president of the Argentines for the next four years,” Massa said at an event before his supporters.

“We have presented to the president-elect and the president of the Nation the responsibility of launching transition mechanisms and democratic links tomorrow so that Argentines do not have the slightest doubt in the next 19 days,” added the still Minister of Economy. .

Massa thus gave news with a worldwide political impact. His speech was followed with expectation in the Milei bunker, where there had already been an atmosphere of celebration for quite some time. As soon as Massa accepted defeat, the euphoria was total.

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