Javier Milei, the ultraliberal who promises to turn Argentina upside down and bring the link with Spain to a minimum

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Many things can be said about Javier Milei, not in vain is he the new president of Argentina. But there are two that are worth highlighting on their successful path to the main office of the Casa Rosada: He is not a politician and it is very difficult for him to lie.

Mercy, by 53 years, is, in fact, the pfirst economist to become president of Argentina, a paradox in the case of a country in eternal economic crisis. And, when victory was being played vote by vote, he said that if he is president he will make a very harsh adjustment.

That is not what a politician in the campaign promises, but it is what will inevitably happen in the coming weeks in Argentina following the victory of a man who did not participate in politics three years ago. A man that with a party that actually does not exist, La Libertad Avanza (LLA) managed to defeat the most powerful electoral machine Argentina has ever seen, Peronism. In this case, played by Sergio Massa.

Single and without children, the man who will govern the third economy in Latin America as of December 10 defines himself as a libertarian in soul and a minarchist in practice. If it were up to him, the State would not exist. He was fascinated with that idea in his days as an economic theorist; he had to abandon it once political life became real.

Is he an extreme rightist? Those who know him well point out that What Milei always cared about was the economy. If she now talks about issues that go beyond her and flirts with ideas linked to a hard or extreme right, it is due to the influence of the vice president-elect, Victoria Villarruel, in which the new Argentine head of state places great confidence.

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