News Jaylen Brown led 15 hours for the show to...

Jaylen Brown led 15 hours for the show to Atlanta – Basketball – NBA

In order to participate in a peaceful demonstration to fight against the social injustices brought to light after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Jaylen Brown, the wingman of the Celtics, he drove for 15 hours on Saturday to make the trip between Boston and Atlanta, Georgia.

“I drove for 15 hours to be in Georgiasaid the player born in that State, in a video posted on Instagram. This is a peaceful protest. Be a celebrity, an NBA player, does not prevent me to take part in the conversations. First of all, I am a black man and a member of this community. We want to highlight some of the injustices that we have seen. This is not normal. Our voices need to be heard. I am 23 years old, I don’t know all the answers, but I feel what everyone feels. “



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