“Jealous” Radosław Majdan boasts of Henio’s photo and jokes about his wife: “It’s not easy for Małgonia to TURN THE TROLLEY” (PHOTO)

Ever since in life Małgorzata Rozenek i Radosław Majdan a longed-for son appeared, famous parents went crazy about him. No wonder the Maidans regularly share their happiness via social media. Radzio is so proud of his dad role that he even bought himself socks for the occasion.

Małgosia tries to maintain a balance between private and professional life. She quickly returned to the set Lady Project and has already had a “business meeting” with Patryk Vega.

Małgorzata Rozenek praises the return to exercise

Of course, little Henio is a priority for Gosia, which is confirmed in Radek’s last post. Under the photo of his wife glued to the pram with her son, Majdan made an eloquent comment:

It’s not easy for Małgonia to snatch the cart – he wrote.


The comments of the delighted fans immediately appeared under the post.

“All Poland fell in love with Henio”, “It is wonderful to look at you”, “Beautiful family” – they wrote.

Do you think Małgorzata’s dad was a bit right?

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