Jealousy among the stars… Actress Zubaida Tharwat revealed very sensitive secrets about Soad Hosni’s behavior behind the cameras!

Jealousy among women is normal, especially among movie stars, but the actress Zubaida Tharwat, or the movie cat as critics called her, expressed her jealousy of Cinderella Soad Hosni directly, and the two big stars only combined one artwork.

In one of the press interviews with Al-Kawakeb magazine, Zubaida Tharwat expressed her true feelings towards Souad Hosni and the mutual jealousy between them and said: “I had one work experience with Soad Hosni, which is the movie Lost Love, and the relationship between us in that work was not a friendship, but just a friendship between two artists who participate In just one job.

She added, “Everyone admired Soad Hosni’s features, but she was normal behind the cameras without makeup, and we all saw her normal, but when she was standing in front of the camera, she was putting on makeup and wearing hair wigs, in addition to false eyelashes, and this gives a sense to the viewer that she is beautiful.” .

Zubaida Tharwat continued her talk about the mutual jealousy between her and Soad Hosni and said: “There was a legitimate and mutual artistic jealousy between us. On one occasion I was wearing a red dress and she was wearing a brown dress, so she changed her clothes before filming to look in a better picture than me, which is the same thing.” What I would do when I saw her wearing a dress that would make her prettier than me on screen, and that wasn’t the only race between us, so we were competing for agility because the directors at that time were very angry if their heroine gained weight, so we were like birds because of the lack of food we ate. “.

In 1970, both stars achieved great fame, and that year they were collected in a single artwork directed by Henry Barakat, the movie Lost Love, as they were movie stars at this time, and during the events of the movie they played the role of two friends separated by the love of one man, Al-Dingwan Rushdi Abaza, The events revolve within the framework of a raging struggle between love and friendship, and it ends with the death of one of them.


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