Jean-Guy, a disaster victim, is angry with his insurance: he declares 26,000 euros of damage, he will receive much less

They have lost everything but they will not be fully compensated by their insurance. Several victims July floods contacted us via the orange Alert Us button to let us know of their distress. Among them, there is Jean Guy, he lives in Trooz in the province of Liège. A damaged garden and a house still uninhabitable, more than a month after the floods, emotions remain strong for Jean-Guy: “It hurts me because we had redone a garden with a nice little terrace.”

I’m mad

To be compensated, he calls on his broker and draws up a list by assessing the value of the damaged goods: “I am declaring damage for 26,000 euros. We have a second expert who comes home and who tells us that there are things that cannot be insured.”

The expert offers him instead 16,000 euros. “Our salon, we are being hired at half the price when the salon is more or less two years old. I am angry and at the same time we feel aggrieved.” The amount of 16,000 euros is probably linked to the dilapidation of his property. Eric Reynders is an expert at AG Insurrance: “It is obvious that we replace the thing or the good as it was at the time of the accident “, he recalls

Possible remedies

Regularly reassessing the contents of your home is important. Wauthier Robyns is Assurallia spokesperson: “We should insure for the value of the building and for the value of the content. There are people who insure a value that has not been reviewed for ages. At that point, we are heading for problems. . ”

Assuralia advises to “talk to your insurer once every two or three years to take stock of the situation and remove the dust that the insurance companies may have taken. ” In the event of dissatisfaction, the insured customer can also call on a second expert or the claims service of his insurance company.

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