Jean Paul Strauss son appeared in ‘La Gran Estrella’ VIDEO and surprises the jury with his singing Gisela Valcárcel farándula | SHOWS

TALENT. Nicholas Straussson of the famous Jean Paul Strauss, was presented as a participant in Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show ‘La Gran Estrella’, which premiered last Saturday, August 6. The 24-year-old had an excellent presentation and captivated the jury led by music producer Sergio George.

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To the rhythm of ‘Sirena’ by the group Sin Bandera, Nicolás had a good performance that was highlighted by the public and dance teachers. He even played the guitar too, catching eyes.

Through his Instagram account, the young man thanked her Gisela Valcarcel and the entire production for the opportunity to step on a stage. Also, he promised that each show will be better.

This new adventure began. Still unable to believe it, thanks to everyone who made this happento my family, to my friends, to my incredible coaches, to all my colleagues who make this competition something even more beautiful, to Gisela’s incredible production, “he wrote.

TROME | Son of Jean Paul Strauss surprises in ‘The Great Star’
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As advertised, the renowned producer Sergio George was featured in “La Gran Estrella”. Gisela Valcárcel announced that the New York musician will be in charge of achieving the internationalization of the participants.

“He is in Peru and from now on he becomes the producer who makes hits. It comes, it stays with us and it’s waiting to take a star into the world.will have the mission of producing and making the dreams of our contestants come true”, he commented.

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During the presentation of Serge Georgethe “Señito” surprised by clarifying that he did not contact the music producer through the Peruvian singer yahaira plasenciabut he did it on his own.


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