Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not afraid of anything, he balances everything with a new “rant”

Jean-Pierre Pernaut shows once again that he is not cold in the eyes. Nothing can stop the journalist in his process of making relevant information heard by his audience. Star of the news at 1 p.m. TF1 despite the continued confinement, he continues to gather. This time, his rant is about the closure of the beaches. And once again, he will be joined by public opinion who is happy to see that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is saying aloud what the population thinks.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut still has government choices in the crosshairs

The French government had already been the target of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. He had not hesitated to point out the inconsistencies in the declarations of the ministers and the President of the Republic. Jean-Pierre Pernaut carries principles and values ​​which prevent him from remaining silent when he finds that the French are lost. The news itself, of which he is somewhere responsible, found itself contradicting itself one day after another. An unbearable situation for the journalist. And at the announcement of the lifting of containment measures Jean-Pierre Pernaut once again found it contradictory to allow people to go out while keeping the beaches closed.

The opening of the beaches will have to be done by the authorization of the prefects after examining the requests of the mayors. In a sense, the government leaves mayors with the responsibility and the risk of making this choice. In all conscience, it is very difficult to make such a decision. But the government is withdrawing on the pretext of leaving its decision-making autonomy on a case-by-case basis. While at the same time it was the government that decided to contain and deconfinite the population.

A fair observation from Pernaut, and shared by many French people

This Wednesday, May 20, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has once again uttered a rant. Without getting upset and simply by drawing up an observation, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is indignant at the closure of the beaches. Above all, he is upset again by the government’s inconsistency. Because the government authorizes rallies in spite of itself by letting everyone out of containment. People gather in squares, markets, shops, whether the cities are in green zones or red zones. However, no one can always set foot on the beach. An incoherence that does not make sense for the presenter of the 1 pm news. And he doesn’t hesitate to let people know.

Once again Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not afraid to point the finger at aberrations. Government choices often contradictory and which leave the French perplexed. Jean-Pierre Pernaut will certainly still find himself the darling of social networks. He is one of the only television journalists who dares to say frankly what he thinks of the situation. And that marks the spirits all the more that it’s not his habit to talk about this kind of subject.

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