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Jean-Pierre Pernaut leaves TF1 13H: he reveals the reasons for his departure in a video

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The veteran of the info on TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut goes Ceder by the end of the year the reins of 13H00 of the channel, which he has presented for nearly a third of a century, preferring to retire with audiences and a popularity rating at the top.

At the head of the most watched mid-day edition in Europe since February 22, 1988, Jean-Pierre Pernaut took the decision, in consultation with Thierry Thuillier, director of information, and Gilles Pélisson, Chairman and CEO of the TF1 Group, to hand over the baton to the presentation of the 13H00 at the end of the year, to devote himself to new projects within the editorial staff“, explains the chain in a press release, confirming information from the newspaper Le Figaro.

I know my decision d‘to stop the 13H00 will surprise quite a few of you, I thought about it carefully, “said”JPPas his fans call him, in a video posted to Twitter.

The newspaper’s audiences are still as formidable as ever, it’s a unique meeting that we’ve had for 33 years but I decided to change the pace and pass on the torch of the newspaper at the end of the year (…). For as much as i does not leave this profession or the TF1 group“, he adds.

Love rating and rant

Viewers will have to get used to it, even if Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who celebrated his 70th birthday in the spring, had already experienced a few eclipses. He was temporarily withdrawn from the country’s most watched mid-day television news during confinement, replaced by his “joker” Jacques Legros, while continuing to intervene on the air for a much watched column.

It is in this same column baptized “13H00 at home “that he had pushed a” little rant “against inconsistencies in the fight against the epidemic of Covid-19 which “make you dizzy”, statements that had made him a star of social networks. A love rating that was confirmed when he was elected favorite TV host of the French, in the TV Magazine poll published in June. This does not prevent the presenter from being regularly mocked for the side considered “franchouillard” of his newspaper.

JPP“had also left the antenna for a few weeks in the fall of 2018, to treat prostate cancer.


There is no question of retiring: the journalist will in particular continue to carry out operations of proximity like “SOS Villages” and will always participate in the special editions of the antenna of TF1, like the retransmission of the parade of 14 July, assured the chain.

Furthermore, it “will offer long reporting formats for TF1“, “will present a new meeting on LCI“and”will develop a digital content offering” sure “the themes that are dear to him, regions, heritage and proximity“, adds the flagship branch of the Bouygues group.

It is an important page which turns for TF1 which now has a few months to prepare the succession of its star of 13H00, whose audience regularly exceeds 40%. A score unparalleled in France and in Europe, the result of a formula that emphasizes proximity, daily life and current events in the regions.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut shaped and gave his DNA at 13H00 of TF1 with unparalleled success. He once again gives us the example by deciding to leave the presentation of the 13H00 while he is at the height of his popularity“, commented Thierry Thuillier. CEO Gilles Pélisson said he was “very happy that Jean-Pierre Pernaut belong to decided to write a new page with the TF1 Group from next January and that it continues to share with the public its passion for heritage and the regions “.


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