Entertainment Jean-Pierre Pernaut super nervous, expresses himself and "knocks out"...

Jean-Pierre Pernaut super nervous, expresses himself and “knocks out” Cyril Hanouna!

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the flagship presenter of TF1, does not miss an opportunity to restore the truth. Invited in the Cyril Hanouna show, Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not hesitate to clarify things with the host. Confinement requires, the exchange was done by interposed screens. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna offers a new format than that of Do not touch My TV during confinement. Tonight at Baba’s then takes over to highlight the difference in standards. Because confinement was right when filming in large-scale sets. And even Jean-Pierre Pernaut intervenes for the 1 p.m. newspaper from his home.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, information takes precedence with him

Jean-Pierre Pernaut keeps saying what is right. Information, the real information, is a priority for him. His job as a journalist is done with great professionalism and in doing so he knows he has an essential mission. Information is the spearhead of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. And starting from this observation, everything that is also said about him goes through his analysis. It is therefore imperative for Jean-Pierre Pernaut to reframe each other’s comments when necessary.

The dangers of the raging virus have been taken lightly

And since confinement, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has not been there with the back of the spoon as they say. The presenter was repeatedly exasperated by the lack of information, but also contradictory information, about the pandemic. According to him, the tone of the first information concerning the deployment of the virus on the territory could have changed everything. Originally considered a common flu, the Covid-19 was actually much more severe. And we realized it too late, he said.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not wait for the state of health emergency to be declared before taking the lead. Neither expected the containment measures of the country announced by the President of the Republic. Jean-Pierre Pernaut confined himself to his home as soon as possible. And Cyril Hanouna receives him on March 24 in his program to discuss government measures in times of pandemic.

Cyril Hanouna gets the dot on the i’s by Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Cyril Hanouna, C8’s flagship host, talks about everything and everyone on his show. Television figures have no secrets for him. Cyril Hanouna has therefore already made several allusions to the star of the news that is Jean-Pierre Pernaut. And, very aware of what is said about him, Jean-Pierre Pernaut wanted to make corrections. Jean-Pierre Pernaut therefore benefits from being the guest of Tonight at Baba’s to make things clear with Cyril Hanouna. It is therefore on several elements that Jean-Pierre Pernaut wishes to review.

Several controversies are in question, the first on his “rants”

First of all, the presenter of the 13 hour news from TF1 wants to defend himself from the fact of often “pushing his mouths”. According to him, he only makes informed observations and these words are attacks on no one. The facts speak for themselves and Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not have in mind to harm anyone by emphasizing them. Just like when the presenter becomes the muse of social networks by expressing his exasperation.

The facts are there and government measures have effectively made us go back and forth. If only about the masks, it was not all clear. They shouldn’t be worn at all because they were either dangerous or useless. And now they are now mandatory in public transport in particular. Or even about people meetings. The French can meet up to 10 people maximum in their homes. But for schools, the pupils will be fifteen per class. In short, completely contradictory facts once again.

The second is about a baseless rumor

In addition, he then wished to return to a persistent rumor about a duality between C8 and TF1. Cyril Hanouna is said to have repeatedly stressed that TF1 employees have been prohibited from traveling to C8. According to him, the channels do not get along and TF1 would not want to compromise the image of these employees on another television channel. A simple rumor that takes on the appearance of truth and this does not pass for Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Because the information delivered must be true, Jean-Pierre Pernaut cannot leave it as it is. So he clearly tells Cyril Hanouna that these are just rumors. TF1 does not prohibit its employees from visiting Cyril Hanouna’s shows.

Now things are clear in Cyril Hanouna and JPP. Cyril Hanouna must therefore understand the refusals to his invitations as being the result of the personal decision of the interested parties and not dictated by TF1. Maybe a little annoying for the C8 host, but that won’t keep him from sleeping. The latter is now sticking to the facts too when talking about the presenter. When Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s absence questions Internet users, Cyril Hanouna waits for news from Nathalie Marquay before giving information.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s wife, Nathalie Marquay, thanks Cyril Hanouna and takes the opportunity to kiss C8. Columnist on the set of It’s just tv, she finds the time long in confinement and is eager to find her colleagues. Because it is on the same channel as Cyril Hanouna that Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s wife made her debut on television.


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