This project dates from October 2019 and is part of a process between the Mayor’s Office of Villa Montes and the National Government. The work just started this Thursday and President Áñez participated in the opening ceremony

Transmission of Bolivia Tv of the act of beginning of work of the sewerage project in the area of ​​Peña Colorada in the municipality of Villa Montes-Tarija.

The state channel Bolivia Tv reported last Thursday of the inauguration of the sewerage work in the Peña Colorada area in the municipality of Villa Montes by the president, Jeanine Áñez. This version is misleading and we explain why.

President inaugurates sanitary sewer system in the Bolivian Chaco, the population of the Peña Colorada neighborhood benefits ”, he titled Bolivia TV’s note on its Facebook page.

“As you have just heard the inauguration of this type of works, they are fundamental for development,” said the presenter Pablo Llanos from the Bolivia TV studio when he passed the live broadcast of the event in Villa Montes, Tarija.

Actually It was not a delivery, nor was the work inaugurated, as work just started this Thursday, September 10.

Of the project

This project is not recent, management date 2019. It has concurrence between the Municipal Government of Villa Montes with the National Fund for Productive and Social Investment (FPS).

You only had to make the tender and contract”Explains the Bolivia Verify, the former manager of the FPS in Tarija, Rodrigo Ibáñez Cassón, indicating that after the change of management he stayed in that phase.

There is an intergovernmental agreement between the FPS and the Municipal Government of Villa Montes that was signed in 2019. “All the project and design process, we did when I was manager in the FPS, being a direct management with President Evo Morales ”, Says Ibáñez.

Ibáñez says that even the tender should have been launched at the beginning of the year, but understand that the health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic delayed the process to give the order to proceed. “They just gave the order to start yesterday, but for campaign issues,” says the former official.

Bolivia Verifica was able to verify that the national public call in the State Contracting System (Sicoes) of this work was published on October 3, 2019 and presented on October 25 of that year with an amount greater than Bs 5 million.

On the subject, from the Communication Department of the The Ministry of the Presidency assures that this act was the beginning of the work, not a delivery. “In the notes that we have put it is clear; President Áñez began work on the sanitary sewer system in the Bolívar-Peña Colorada neighborhood of Villa Montes, Tarija, ”Verifica from the Ministry of the Presidency tells Bolivia. Similarly, a Press release of that State portfolio, also reports on the beginning of this work.

Regarding the criticisms of Ibáñez, from the Ministry of the Presidency they refer that it is an obligation of the National Government to execute this type of project.

President Áñez on her Twitter account also wrote about the start of works in this Chaco municipality in the department of Tarija. “As part of the efforts to improve the conditions of the Chaco people, we started sewerage works that will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Villa Montes,” the president wrote, although she did not specify that the aforementioned project comes from the past administration. .

Act carried out in the area of ​​Peña Colorada in Villa Montes-Tarija. Image from the Twitter account of President Jeanine Áñez.

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