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The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, published a statement on Thursday accusing the editor of the tabloid magazine National Enquirer, David Pecker, of having attempted to extort them by publishing private messages with his lover. Bezos, the richest man in the world, has made this accusation in a long online message in which he contributes to the communication of the publisher of Pecker, American Media. "Before surrendering to extortion and blackmail, I decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the threat that comes from personal costs and shame," writes Bezos.

David Pecker is a central figure in investigations that threaten the US president, Donald Trump. The two have been friends for decades. According to a federal investigation into the allegedly irregular funding of the Trump campaign in 2016, Pecker then helped the candidate through his best-known publication, The National Enquirer. The publication has exclusively acquired the story of Karen McDougall, a model of playboy Who claimed to have slept with Trump, and then buryed her. The tactic was known as hunt and kill a story The model charged $ 150,000 for this and the story did not come to light until it went to court. When he was involved in Trump's investigation, Pecker decided to collaborate with the office in exchange for immunity.

On January 9th, Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, announced their divorce after 25 years of marriage. On January 21, Pecker magazine published an exclusive in which they revealed intimate messages between the founder of Amazon and the woman they called "her lover", Lauren Sanchez, the relationship that presumably is the origin of divorce. .

Bezos explains in his message on Thursday that he hired researchers to find out where those messages were coming from "and to determine the reasons for an unusual action by the EnquirerIn his public letter, Bezos recalls that several media and official investigations have pointed out that American Media Inc., the parent company of the publication, is moving for political reasons.

Bezos says that in all this it is important as context to know that he is the owner of The Washington Post. "It is inevitable that certain powerful people who are covered by the Washington Post I mistakenly conclude that I am the enemy. "" President Trump is one of those people, as is obvious from his many tweets. "President Trump tweets regularly against mail and its owner.

Bezos notes that it is particularly "unpopular in certain circles" the investigation that the newspaper has conducted and continues today on the death of its editorialist Jamal Khashoggi, a critical journalist of the Saudi regime killed and quartered at the Saudi Arabian Embassy presumably by direct order of the Saudi prince. In this context, it provides two news links. One of The New York Times where he makes sure that Pecker is trying to do business in Saudi Arabia and that he has invited a representative from that country to a dinner with Trump. And another from the Associated Press on an American magazine that appeared on newsstands in Washington last year and painted a kind portrait of the Saudi regime.

Bezos commissioned the investigation to Gavin de Becker, a legal and security consultant who works regularly for him and Amazon. January 31st The Daily Beast He reported that he had spoken with De Becker and confirmed that the investigation exists. The investigation is private, paid personally by Bezos and independent of Amazon and the mail. In this information, De Becker confirmed that he had questioned Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez's brother. Michael Sanchez is a Hollywood art agent who is a forthright supporter of Trump and is a friend of Trumpian characters like Roger Stone or Carter Page. A Twitter account that The Daily Beast Sanchez's attributes are full of messages that attack the media for "false news" about President Trump.

Last Tuesday, his own The Washington Post He echoed the investigation with a piece in which he cited Daily beast and titled: "Was it an exclusive deal on Bezos's only juicy gossip or was it a political coup?".

According to Bezos, he first came to him "through a head of American Media", which Pecker was "furious" in the investigation of the motives and sources of exclusivity on his lover. "For reasons that have yet to be understood, the Saudi angle seemed to have touched a particularly sensitive nerve."

A few days later, representatives of American Media (AMI) turned to him verbally and in writing to say they had more messages and pictures of him with his lover. AMI offered to not publish this content if Bezos had interrupted his research on the possible political motivations of the National Enquirer to try to embarrass him publicly. In addition, Bezos and De Becker have publicly stated that they have "no knowledge or basis to suggest that AMI coverage had political motivations or was influenced by political forces".

Bezos provides an e-mail from AMI, dated last Tuesday, February 5th, in which he detailed all the photos of sexual content they have. "If in my position I can not resist this kind of extortion, who can?" Bezos writes. "Of course I do not want to post personal photos, but I'm not going to participate in his note of blackmail, political favors and corruption, I prefer to get up, lift this trunk and see what comes out from underneath." After midnight in Spain, there there was still no reaction from Pecker or American Media.



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