Jeff Kaplan "opens" to the idea of ​​wearing Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch


While Blizzard made a very convincing debut on Nintendo Switch with Diablo III: Eternal Collection, discussions on other games of the company were opened shortly after the announcement of the arrival of Hack & # 39; n Slash, the news of the day the Blizzard Hero competitive shooter.

In fact during the discussions the study announced that only one team is currently involved in the development of Nintendo Switch and that after the release of Diablo III this team would have the freedom to work on something else. That's when some names came out, the most nostalgic of the Nintendo 64 would have tried to slip to Starcraft which was quickly deconfirmed, so there remain two candidates in the running, hearthstone as well asOverwatch (already worn on PS4 / Xbox One and Diablo III)

During the last week of Blizzcon, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan reported that he had interviewed Eurogamer, who said:

Our philosophy has always been to bring as many players as possible to Overwatch, so we want to reach as many Overwatch players as possible. We will always consider a platform if we consider it viable both in terms of technology and business. We would like to do it [Overwatch sur Nintendo Switch].
We have no advertising or plans in common with Nintendo or the console itself, but … this is something we are very open to.

As a reminder in 2017, Jeff Kaplan admitted that wearing the Nintendo Switch game would be a real challenge and at the beginning of the year, producer Pete Stilwell would have declared it would be technically possible. Now it's also a secret, but Nintendo and Blizzard have always had good relationships, confirmed during the development of Diablo III, so I hope this relationship will lead to other portages in the future.


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