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Unconscious and in a fetal position, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found last night in his cell in a Manhattan prison, a rather strange situation for a man accused of trafficking and sexual abuse of girls and young people in the United States; that he was a personal friend of President Donald Trump and that until very recently he believed he could evade the law by benefiting from friends within the government.

As reported by the local press, although the authorities treat the incident as a possible suicide attempt, It is said that Epstein was probably attacked by other prisoners who decided to beat him to teach him a lesson for abusing and abusing children.

The New York Times was the one who made the revelations and added that the injuries that the billionaire has right now are not serious.

Epstein was imprisoned on 6 July in the maximum security prison of the MCC in Manhattan, the same in which the former drug dealer Joaquín "Chapo" Guzmán was imprisoned for two and a half years.

"The US sheriffs service is aware of press reports on Jeffrey Epstein. As a policy, we do not disclose information relating to detainees to protect their privacy and security. "said a spokesman for the sheriffs.

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Eipstein

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Eipstein.


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A life sentence

Epstein, 66, was arrested on 6 July when he arrived in New Jersey from Paris in his private jet. July 8 was accused of sexual exploitation of minors and associations to commit crimes of sexual exploitation of children between 2002 and 2005, crimes for which they risk a prison sentence of up to 45 years, which in his case would amount to end his prison days

The modus operandi of the man was to invite the children to the dwellings to convince them to have sexual acts with them in exchange for high sums of money. "He also paid some of his victims to recruit more girls to abuse," the prosecutor said.

Due to the risk of escape, a judge ruled that Epstein should be in prison while his trial ended. Furthermore, the federal judge in Manhattan, Richard Berman, rejected Epstein's request for parole on Thursday, which was willing to pay up to $ 100 million to await the trial held at his villa in the Upper East Side.

Like any prisoner

Something that has attracted the attention of the media is thatand prosecutors totally rejected any "special treatment" for Epstein, and the possibility of waiting for the trial in a "gold cage".

At the hearing, deputy prosecutor Alex Rossmiller told the judge that the defendant has "an extraordinary risk of escape", given his great financial resources and because he owns a private jet.

In a document handed over to the judge, Epstein's defense assessed his fortune at over $ 500 million, but provided very few elements to support this estimate.

During a search at Epstein's home in New York, the authorities discovered "dozens of diamonds" in a safe and "bundles of banknotes", as well as a fake Austrian passport already expired in the name of Epstein.

They even say he likes both beautiful women and me, and many of them are quite young: Trump

Finance expert and whose friends include Trump, the former president Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, Epstein had already been convicted of similar crimes 10 years ago in Florida. But he managed to avoid being criminally charged in those cases by signing a negotiated plea bargained by his lawyers with Alexander Acosta, a former federal attorney in Miami and currently the Trump administration's job secretary.

Under this agreement – which has remained secret for several years, inaccessible even to the victims – he pleaded guilty to a state crime for having asked for prostitution to a child and spent 13 months in a county jail. However, he could get out of jail and survive during the day, returning every night to sleep in prison.

Acosta is now the target of a campaign that requires his resignation from the agreement negotiated with Epstein.

In 2002, Trump told the New York Times magazine that Epstein was "a great boy" he knew 15 years ago. "It's very fun to be with him," Trump said. "They even say he likes both beautiful women and me, and many of them are quite young."

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