Jegal Wuling Air EV, This Cheap Rp. 90 Million Electric Car Finally Enters Indonesia, Equal Mileage

HALLOTERNATE.COMWuling Air EV it is known electric car inexpensive in Indonesia.

But now, Wuling Air EV can no longer be said as electric car most inexpensive.

Because, one of them electric car super inexpensive will soon enter Indonesia. The name Chery QQ Ice Cream.

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Presence electric car Chery QQ Ice Cream deliberately designed to thwart the smooth running of the Wuling Mini EV.

Price electric car Chery QQ Ice Cream much more inexpensive from Wuling Air EV. Both are even more than Rp. 100 million adrift.

Because, Chery QQ Ice Cream priced at only a range of 29.9 thousand Yuan to 43.9 thousand Yuan, or approximately Rp. 66 million – Rp. 97 million.

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So what technology do you have? electric car inexpensive this? It turns out electric car inexpensive it is similar to the Wuling Mini EV Macaron.

Among them are LED front and rear lights that form the letter U. Then the instrument panel also has an LCD, there is air conditioning, an airbag for the driver, there is a tire pressure alarm, a reverse camera and parking sensors.

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