On September 1, at 19:00 at the Tea House “Silva”, the team of Jelgava “BJMK Rock School” will start the new study season with a special greeting to their students, every inhabitant of Jelgava and guests of the city. The concert will be attended by a group of current students of the Rock School “Pigeon Under Glass”, a group of graduates “Blind Shapes” and a bright rock music group “Happiness Complete”.

Jelgava Rock School has been offering music lessons to children, young people and adults with different levels of knowledge and skills for 17 years.

Private music school “BJMK Rock School” is an accredited private music school, which is the only one in Latvia that implements an original and highly sought-after program “Rock Music”. In five years, you can learn popular and academic music instruments, theory, history and play in an ensemble at a rock school.

“BJMK Rock School” also offers a wide range of educational music lessons of interest – here you can learn acoustic, electric and classical guitar, bass guitar, currently very popular ukulele, piano, saxophone, drums and stage vocals.

One of the participants of the opening concert of September 1 is the group “Laime Pilnīga” – two of the group members are teachers at “BJMK Rock School”: Mārcis Vasilevskis will teach electric guitar this school year, while at the “Laime Pilnīga” soloist Ervīna Ramiņš has been working since the school was founded, can learn vocal skills. “I have been working at the rock school for 13 years, from the very beginning, I lead vocal classes and several school ensembles, as well as school choirs. During this period, together with like-minded people, we have managed to create a physical place – a school that embodies the feeling of a second home, and thus the result is not missing. Many of our graduates continue their music, work for us as teachers, have gone abroad to study and are cultural people. It inspires us all and gives us strength in our daily work, ”says Ervīns. It should be noted that admission to the concert is free.

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