Jelly scrolling teases displays new iPad mini

Several owners of the new iPad mini are reporting a notable problem with the display. That would be teased by Jelly Scrolling.

It was 9to5Mac who was the first to report on the problem. In jelly scrolling, one side of the screen scrolls at a different speed than the rest of the display. That difference is very minimal, but noticeable in portrait mode, as it turns out. The screen produces a slight wobbling sensation when scrolling. The shortcoming is harder to see if you keep the new iPad mini in landscape mode, but that should of course not be considered a solution. You simply prefer to read websites and social media in portrait orientation.

Jelly scrolling not explained yet

It’s not clear whether the quirk is screen-related or a software issue. Fortunately, it is purely a graphical glitch and the functionality does not suffer from it. Furthermore, it is not clear how widespread the issue is, because the problem has only been reported very rarely. In any case, Apple will still be able to meet its customers with a solution. After all, they paid a nice sum for a premium product. The manufacturer has not yet commented on the matter.

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