Jenifer pays tribute to her children's fathers: "Without them, I could never hold"


After difficult times, Jenifer returns to the scene. And for this, he could count on the support of his family, including that of his ex, the fathers of his two sons.

March 6, 2017 may have been the end of Jenifer's career. Following a terrible accident between his tour bus and a car, which cost the lives of two people, the singer had lost his taste for music. After 15 years of career, from his victorious exit from Star Academyhe did not want to sing anymore. In an interview with Paris matchshe admits: "On a physical and emotional level, it was very difficult to manage, very violent. And I came to an excess. "

What has helped him to keep going? His family, his priority. " Fortunately, I had children, who helped me to resist She says. And although he is now separated from the fathers of his two sons, he can always count on Maxim Nucci and Thierry Neuvic. He also paid tribute to them: " I am really helped by their respective fathers. Without them, without my family, I could not resist. "

Today, Jenifer is back on the scene with an album with an evocative name: New page. The album already delights fans and is a great success. The singer can now move on, find his audience: has returned to her passion and intends to enjoy her popularity, always so present, more than 16 years after the release of his very first album.



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