Jenni Hermoso accuses the Federation of intimidation and threats: "Protect me from what? Or from whom?"

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Jenni Hermosoa member of the team that won the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, wonders what or who they want to protect her from by leaving her out of the team’s call for the first two games of the tournament. League of Nations.

“I would like to make something very clear, an attempt has been made to argue that the environment would be unsafe for my colleagues when at the same press conference it was announced that they are not calling me to protect myself. Protect me from what? Or from whom?”the scorer questions herself on her social networks.

Hermoso has played with the Spanish team in 69 games and has scored forty goals, but the new coach Montse Tomé He did not include the player on his list to face Sweden and Switzerland with the argument that he wants to protect her from all the media noise generated by the kiss he gave her. Luis Rubiales during the celebration for winning the World Cup.

Hermoso returned more than a week ago to Mexico to rejoin his club, Pachuca, with which he has had two brief participations in the Apertura tournament. The Spanish player declared herself surprised by the new events surrounding the national team this Monday.

Last Friday, after dinner, 39 Spanish soccer players, including 21 of the 23 world champions, made a statement public. In the 533 words that made it up, At no time was any refusal to attend a possible call from the national team made explicit.. The interpretation of that text was obvious: they did not want to be called until those “structural changes” that they have been asking for occurred, and which translated into Spanish means the dismissal of at least half a dozen people, managers and workers of the Federation, that they consider prevent a “safe environment” for them. But This absence of an explicit resignation is what the Federation has used to make its list of those summoned without having reached an agreement with them.

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