Jenni Hermoso breaks her silence: "I have received threats and it is something you never get used to."

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More than two months after non-consensual kiss that Luis Rubiales, former president of the RFEF, gave it at the celebration of the achievement of the Women’s Soccer World CupJenni Hermoso has broken her silence in GQ magazine. The Mexican Pachuca player has given her first interview, in which she openly positions herself on everything she has experienced in recent months.

The Madrid native regrets having had to suffer a lot since what happened in Sydney. “I have had to assume the consequences of an act that I did not causewhich I had neither chosen nor premeditated. I have received threatsand that is something you never get used to,” laments Hermoso, who talks about “things that have never been normal” and that “that is why so much commotion has been generated and, specifically, so much damage has been caused towards me”

“Three months ago I wasn’t even a world champion, which is the most I could aspire to, and I certainly couldn’t imagine being in the spotlight. I have a lot of arguments with a friend because I don’t believe in destiny. For me they are things that happen to you because you have worked on them,” reflects Jenni, to whom GC has awarded the GQ Woman of the Year 2023 award.

“Having to tell it over and over again was hurting me a lot. But I know I had to let it go somehow. I’m still working on it with the help of my psychologist,” admits the soccer player, who highlights that “mental health is so important as the daily training, as the hours I have to sleep to be able to go out on the field. Thanks to her I feel strong and I am not collapsed or thinking about not wanting to play football anymore. I have never lost my hope.”

Hermoso talks about the support of male soccer players: “I understand that everyone thinks how they think and I would also love to be able to focus only on my sport, but when you see unfair situations, you have to be on one side or the other.” “People will hate me or love me, but I have my way of thinking and I don’t mind saying it openly: I don’t know if their support would have made everything easier, but it certainly would have helped us a lot,” he protests.

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