Jenni Hermoso breaks her silence: "I want to tell everyone that it’s over"

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Jenni Hermoso He insisted that, “without deserving it,” the members of the world champion team in the tournament held in Australia and New Zealand this summer They suffered “more than necessary in a historical moment”at the same time he highlighted that Spain “did not” win its first World Cup “to lift a trophy” or “to appear on the covers”, but because “that was the only way to be heard, valued and respected.”

“Undeservedly, we suffered more than necessary in a historic moment for us, but I am clear that we have a great responsibility towards the new generations. And to all those people who do not have a loudspeaker to make themselves heard, I want to tell them that this fight belongs to everyone.“said the player this morning at the FIFA Hall of Fame gala held in Mexico.

Upon receiving an award that honored her career in the Mexican Pachuca and with the national team, the world champion addressed those present with an emotional speech in which he remembered the night of August 20when they embroidered the first star for the women’s national team.

I could feel my father’s hand when he took me to train, my mother’s smile when she saw me play and the joy of the whole family sharing the dream of a little soccer player who wanted to be a world champion. “I have played soccer all my life, I am 33 years old, but weeks ago on that field in that final I was a girl again,” she admitted.

For the Madrid native, the Spanish team won the title, went “around the world” and became “one of the best teams in history,” although she noted that they achieved “something much more human, more transcendental.” “We were not champions to lift a trophy, stay in the showcases, receive a compensation bonus or appear on the covers,” he said.

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