Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck:

Most people have realized that the romance between Jennifer Lopez (52) and Ben Affleck (48) has flared up again, 17 years after it ended.

There are few couples that are being written about more at the moment, and fans around the world have eagerly followed every little update on the popular duo.

It started with them being observed together. Only that made the romance rumors ravage, and we were suddenly drawn right back to the early 2000s – when the couple was Hollywood’s biggest “IT couple”.

After the breakup between Lopez and her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez (45), this spring, she has spent more and more time with Affleck. They have been caught red-handed in hot embraces countless times in recent months, introduced their children to each other and traveled on vacations together.

The only thing we have been waiting for is a confirmation from the couple themselves. And now the wait is over.

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It is said in 2021 that nothing is official if it is not official on Facebook or Instagram. However, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, but there is also some truth in it.

And now the super couple has done just that. A picture says more than a thousand words, and so does the picture Lopez ‘shared on his Instagram.

She has shared the photos on the occasion of her 52nd birthday. She celebrates it on a boat with, among others, Affleck.

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Cryptic message after the rumors

Cryptic message after the rumors

The post consists of four pictures, the first three of which are of the birthday child shining in a bikini – which does not hide that the 52-year-old is doing very well.

However, it is the last image that is the most interesting. It shows she and Affleck kissing (!).

BOYFRIEND: This Instagram photo is interpreted as a confirmation that Jennifer Lope and Ben Affleck are boyfriends - again.  Photo: Screenshot Instagram

COUPLE: This Instagram photo is interpreted as a confirmation that Jennifer Lope and Ben Affleck are lovers – again. Photo: Screenshot Instagram
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Love it

Saturday’s birthday post is the first time Lopez or Affleck have shared anything about their new romance on their own social media.

It has made the Internet boil.

Media all over the world have jumped on the news and everyone seems to love that relationship finally is confirmed.

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Stop it, Jennifer Lopez just posted a “Bennifer” picture. It’s Lopez’s birthday, but it was the “Bennifer” fans who got the gift they have been waiting for! “, Writes the magazine She Knows.

E! News throws itself on and writes:

“Jennifer Lopez’s birthday post is so hot you’ll be speechless.”

“This definitely feels like a complete ‘here we are’ moment,” TMZ follows up.

The fans also seem to like what they see. At the time of writing, the 52-year-old has garnered close to 6 million likes and almost 100,000 comments on Instagram. It is clear that there are many who want to send their congratulations:

Filmmaker Elaine Goldsmith Thomas simply wrote this:

“I mean, if you’re going to officially go on Instagram, do it like J. Lo.”

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Among the many thousands of comments, we also find these:

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“I love that you made it official in the best possible way.”


“We live for this.”

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