Jennifer Lopez: concert break after a few songs


Everything is dark, lifts are stuck, the subway stands, due to unusual traffic lights there is traffic chaos … In the Manhattan district of New York, the power went out for hours on Saturday evening. And Jennifer Lopez (49, “Let's Get Loud”) was hit by the massive blackout. The singer had just played the first songs of her show at Madison Square Garden when the power went out there as well. Promptly the arena was evacuated, as reported, inter alia, the “New York Post”,

Lopez was “just devastated” that the appearance had to be canceled, she told shortly afterwards in a clip on Instagram, At the same time she was also relieved that nothing worse had happened. Those responsible had managed the situation well: “They have done the best for the safety of all.”

Good news for the fans

Shortly after, she answered once again with good news from the fans, If everything goes as planned, then Lopez will make her appearance at Madison Square Garden on Monday. “It takes more than a citywide power outage to stop us,” the singer wrote.


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