Jennifer Lopez returns to Ben Affleck after three marriages and many love novels

After renewing the relationship a few months ago, J. Lopez and B. Affleck are no longer hiding. The music star, which has 168 million followers on Instagram, shared a photo of her kissing with Affleck on her 52nd birthday.

The last time feelings poured in was a few years ago. In 2003, the couple was already getting ready to get married after a year and a half of friendship, but the plans changed and they soon turned in different directions.

True, even when the feelings faded, Black communicated friendly and did not spare each other nice words.

The singer has admitted that she broke up with B. Affleck for the first time in her life and felt such a strong heartache.

During the years spent separately, they had started families, had children, went through difficult times, but today they are happy with each other again.

“I am extremely happy! I have never been happier.

I finally found a place in my life where I feel amazing. When you feel that way, extraordinary things start.

Things that I couldn’t even think about before are happening again, “J. Lopez recently spoke with hints of revived love.

Earlier this year, Lopez was based in the Dominican Republic, where he starred in the comedy Shotgun Wedding.

A. Rodriguez, the then fianceed baseball player and businessman, who came to visit her several times.

The couple then explained that they were trying to fix the shabby relationship. As a result, they visited a psychologist.

J. Lopez and A. Rodriguez postponed the planned wedding twice. Both explained that they were forced to do so because of the pandemic. However, it is believed that their feelings are already cold then.

One of the challenges Jennifer and Alex faced was trying to mold families. After all, J. Lopez from the third marriage with singer and actor Marc Anthony (52 years old) raises twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel (13 years old).

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And Rodriguez has two daughters, Natasha (16) and Ella (13), from their first marriage to psychologist Cynthia Rodriguez. During the quarantine, they all spent a lot of time together.

Jennifer and Alex broke the two-year engagement in mid-April.

“We realized that it was better for us to stay friends,” the couple explained immediately after the divorce. – We will continue to support each other. We wish each other and each other’s children all the best. “

The singer, who divorced A. Rodriguez, did not find himself in a cage of sadness. Already in the beginning of May, J. Lopez was spotted at a concert with B. Affleck. After the event, the couple returned to the actor’s home in Montana, where they spent a week. And he flew to Los Angeles on a private plane.

Recently, J. Lopez has started making music again. Some performers argue that creating them is inspired by heartache, and J. Lopez assured that creativity is driven by positive feelings.

“I feel wonderful, I love life, I love what I do. I love the person I become. I am inspired by such happiness and love, ”J. Lozez taught with enthusiasm, declaring to his creative group that he was ready to return to the recording studio. – After a divorce many years ago, I wrote the song “Dance Again”. Dancing is my first love.

To me, he is associated with joy, happiness, freedom. My new song “Cambia el Paso” is similar. I sing, “All she wants is to dance, dance, dance.”

In fact, the song is about a woman who longs to be happy. All she wants is to live. ”

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Yes, she is free, so she can spend time in the arms of anyone she wants. Especially since Affleck has not been meeting Cuban Ana de Armas (33) since January this year.

When Lopez enjoyed love with Rodriguez in 2018 and prepared to build a common life after a year and a half of friendship, Affleck finally officially broke up with actress Jennifer Garner (49).

They lived in marriage for 10 years and in 2015. decided to terminate it. The couple had three children: daughters Violet Anne (15 years old) and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (12 years old) and a son Samuel (9 years old). It was rumored that the couple’s divorce was prompted by the actor’s sex adventure with the babysitter.

However, Garner explained that they had lived separately for months before. Garner was rumored to be tired of Affleck’s alcohol abuse and casino visits. He later talked about it himself.

“I have been drinking for a very long time. When my marriage started to fall apart in 2015-2016, I started drinking even more. And my drunkenness only accelerated the breakdown of the family, “the actor opened.

Affleck admitted that he still feels great shame and guilt about it.

“I am most sorry for this divorce in my life.

I have made many mistakes. However, I had to learn from them, I had to get up and make every effort to move forward, ”the actor and director admitted.

Garner has repeatedly said that Black and Affleck always support each other. She called the actor the greatest love of her life.

The life of J. Lopez has always been colorful and stormy. Suffering from an inferiority complex since her youth, she visited psychologists.

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“I fell in love with the storm, and when the relationship broke down, I plunged into the blackest depression,” Lopez said. – But no one but me had to control my feelings.

You can only love another person when you love yourself. Only then can you build a relationship based on love and respect.

I feel better now, but I’m still traveling. “

The singer added that she does not rule out the possibility of getting married for the fourth time.

She was married three times

1997 Lopez married Cuban actor Ojani Noa (47). The marriage lasted just 11 months.

From 1999 to 2001 the singer met with American rapper and producer Sean John Combs (51). He called the singer one of the greatest loves of his life.

While filming the video for the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, J. Lopez met actor and choreographer Cris Judd (51) and married him in 2001. in September. Nine months later, the couple decided to divorce.

“It just didn’t work out,” when asked why the marriage lasted so short, then the singer shook hands.

Before the official divorce process ended, Lopez engaged to Affleck. Their separation was very painful for the singer.

2004 Mr Lopez married Mr Anthony. The singer called the marriage a patch on a wound inflicted on a previous relationship.

They had two children and divorced in 2012. Lopez later called his life with Anthony the darkest period of his life.

She then met with actor Casper Smart (34) and Canadian rapper Drake (34).

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