Jennifer Lopez shows off her perfect figure on a luxury mega yacht..with pictures

The world star diedJennifer LopezHave fun on a luxury yacht “Mega” on her European vacation between Italy, Monte Calo and St Tropez.
Jennifer posted two new photos on the mega yacht on her social networking site.
The yacht that Jennifer Lopez was on is worth $130 million and includes very luxurious details.
The 52-year-old showed off her figure in a bikini.
Jennifer is currently spending her time with her star boyfriendBen Affleck​, who had separated from him in 2004 after their romantic relationship for a year was unsuccessful.

Ben Affleck hasn’t changed the way he treats JLo and rubs her butt

Despite the return of the famous American starJennifer LopezThe famous Hollywood actorBen AffleckTo each other after twenty years of separation, but the way the latter treats his girlfriend, who renewed his love for her, has not changed since then, especially in the way he massages the back of his girlfriend, the famous artist, and the pictures are the best proof of that.
Ben Affleck celebrated the birthday of his 52-year-old girlfriend with kisses and hugs in a French city and the lenses spotted them wandering through vast mansions, including a huge house worth 65 million dollars, as if they were planning to move and live together.

A special gift from Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez on her birthday expressing his love for her

Ben Affleck, 48, helped make a special piece of jewelry for his sweetheart’s birthday.Jennifer Lopez52-year-old to make the gift worthy of the occasion.
Ben worked with Foundrae to create a custom charm necklace featuring sentimental charms that reveal details about their relationship.
Affleck chose several medallions for his sweetheart’s birthday necklace, including one symbolizing “resilience.” He also chose flowers that are “nourishing with passion and continue to bloom, even in the dark, against adversity” but inseparable from thorns, representing “the risk that We tolerate it for something we love.
Each necklace costs around $3000 and Affleck has chosen at least three meaningful spells.
During her birthday yacht cruise, Ji Lo also wore a long chain necklace with a Foundrae necklace that Lopez wore in a Valentino swimsuit ($650) and silk cape ($2,300) on her birthday. On her social media page.

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