Jenny cleared the drama and showed off her richness after buying a luxury car for Lily.

Jenny can get it all if it’s fresh. Explain the drama to show off the richness After buying a luxury car for Lily as a birthday present I’ve never met someone who gobbles the countryside. Shout sister deserves Surprisingly, people hardly expressed their congratulations.

singer Jenny Ratchanok Suwannaket or Jenny can get it all if it’s fresh. husband Yew Coronation and younger daughter Eugene, 6 months old, appeared on the first TV show Life changed after having a baby. Used to quarrel with her husband until she had to reduce her ego to save her family. Ready to clear the drama, buy a mini Cooper car as a birthday present for Lily, sister, every issue in the talk show SHOW broadcast on Channel 31 with Ning Panita Chompoo before afternoon and Benz Pornchita as MCs. list

Previously planned to return to live in the city? Jenny : “Now the plan is new. Before having children, it was another plan, but when having children, children were the main ones, I wanted to buy a society for Eugene. let him come to study in Bangkok Not a bad house But the school we came to see We saw that he still wanted to study in Bangkok, so he thought that he had to make a new plan to come here. Therefore, we had to buy a new house that was bigger and more ready.”

Decided to buy the first house in 4 days? Jenny : “We only thought that we were here to stay overnight. Not going to stay here, buy small enough, but now the plan has changed. Therefore expanding from the old house to a new house, 6 bedrooms, the new house decided 4 months.

buy fresh? Jenny :buy it fresh If the build includes anything else, it’s 30 up. Now we think a lot Our tuition money is kept. If there is a second child, we have to keep it. So I bought everything fresh. As you know, we’ve been in debt all our lives. Enough. Don’t want to be like that anymore. After the first time, I will ask to check the finances again whether to sell or keep. or may be kept for children

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Life after having children? Jenny : “A lot has changed. changed completely even the planned plans Now your child is your number one for all your plans. FGrowing up noticeably Thank you very much. that makes mom have more love before impatient Today, calm down, there is still Eugene waiting for us. What to do, must think about the impact on the child or not

Jew : “A lot has changed. From fun teenagers to being social, we gave up altogether. Having children is what keeps us going for the good.”

Jenny : “We are afraid of flirting. because he has a lot of history come sit and talk to him Do not order him to stop flirting. No woman can force a man to stop flirting. If that guy doesn’t want to stop by himself I set up a problem, how to make this guy stop at us? We have to take care of our husbands, raise children, be able to work, so I stopped finding fault with him and used that time to improve ourselves. To make my husband love me more

Jew : “Right, besides, I will meet him. We want to be serious about love We want to build a family We want a girlfriend who is married. I intended to love only one at that time and then met him. So it’s easy to change yourself.”

after marriage? Jenny : “I used to quarrel a lot. The idea is not the same, crying a lot, yelling a lot, he said that I have a high ego, we are even more angry. But we have to change for each other. Not only to make love life better, but also to make yourself better. We take care of a lot of people, we like to give orders. We learned that the person we ordered didn’t like all of us. Don’t have too high an ego. fell down to make the family happy Thank you for reminding me.”

Jew : “To change people’s minds It’s not easy. He succeeded very early and loudly. He has a high ego And a lot of people don’t like it. I said if we can’t change other people Can’t change people who can’t curse us. Change where you look first.”

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Peak point? Jenny : “You have to weigh in on whether having him or not having him is better. Come sit and think about what advantages he has and then felt okay, wanted him to be with me We thought that we had to start over. Waking up is the beginning I want to have him by my side.”

Is it difficult to be a Jenny husband? Jew :Difficult. I’ve never dated a celebrity. Dating him is different. It makes us live more carelessly. I told him that if I change myself for the better. Then the fans don’t love more, they can come and scold me.

About money, getting married, including bags? Jew : “Clearly separated, separated into 3 parts, Jenny’s hair, baby’s, but everything is with Jenny. he kept alone Write down your income and expenses clearly.

Is there any hidden money? Jew : “I don’t like doing things behind each other’s backs. Because if we have a secret from each other, it makes us love each other without being close to each other.

Jenny is good at money. Because it used to be the news of being asked for debt? Jenny : “Well, we feel very bad about the events that day. I don’t dare to watch that clip, it’s very ingrained. We are under a lot of pressure. So we exploded knowfeel that from now on will never go back to the same point again When it comes to money, we are secretly timid in some matters. very afraid to go back So I want to manage everything by myself. If a Jew wants to buy anything But it has to go through us one more step to say that it’s good, right? Are you sure?

Jew : “He’ll be like, let’s think about it. I’ve been saying this for a year now. I want a mustang.”

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Buying gifts for my sister has drama too? Jenny :It’s what Lily should have. Appropriate for the time, 18 years old, can do a driver’s license. When you can do it, you can drive legally. Lily was a very tired child. but does not want anything that is beyond his body, he has been saying for 3 years that he wants a Mini Cooper, even though his money is already reached He thought and thought again, we thought, 2 people, this year’s birthday mother went to choose the color, made a surprise, immediately went live and had fun following the siblings. But the drama happened to show off and be rich. Lily’s first sunroof Not just excited we are excited We come from the earth when there is something new. Will people think that the country has never had a car with an open roof? Luckily, Lily was so grown up that he didn’t pay any attention to that. but we as sisters We understand how it feels to be cursed. we give strength Finally, Lily posted an apology. I still wonder what Lily posted to apologize for. He apologized for making people dissatisfied with getting the car this time. Very confused. There was almost no congratulation. Lily works hard, studies very hard. Young people hardly spend their time working alone.

When doing something, it’s dramatic. How are you feeling today? Jenny : “As for me, I can let it pass. I pay more attention to my husband and children. But for Lily, I have a phone call, how are you doing, okay? What will he have, brother, what drama? He doesn’t care at all.”

Jew : “We will sit and talk when there is drama. We have to understand human nature, the nature of social. No matter what anyone does, there will be comments. There are people who like, people who curse, people who don’t care. There will always be like this. If we understand, we can overlook it.”

Interview clip Jenny-Yew

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