Jessa Hospital cries out for help: “On top of the covid misery…

The pressure is increasing in hospitals by the day due to the corona virus. The fact that 15 people were brought in on Friday evening with alcohol intoxication on the last day that parties were allowed, therefore caused a lot of misunderstanding at the Jessa Hospital.

Laurence Torck

Saturday, November 27, 2021 at 6:12 PM

“Brought in 15 people with alcohol intoxication to Jessa’s emergency department last night. So on top of the covid misery, some find it necessary to burden our nurses and doctors with this? Or is it because the virus is still waiting for the stricter measures? Sad,” writes Lieve Ketelslegers of the Jessa Hospital on Facebook.

The hospitals are already moaning under the pressure from all the corona patients, Ketelslegers does not understand the fact that a lot of people still went out on Friday to end up in hospital.

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