Jim Boeheim had a lot to say about paying players, his team and Buddy's real name


Charlotte, N.C. – Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is always popular at ACC Media Day. After 43 years of work, he is not afraid to express himself. Journalists appreciate his candor.

Boeheim said this morning that the 2018-19 edition of his Orange team is the best general team he coached by the 2014 SU team that went 28-6. He said he hoped his guards would recover quickly, that their injuries were problematic in uncovering his team's identity. He said he liked the depth of his team and believed that he would be improved in attack this season.

He also held a court on a variety of topics. Here are some highlights:

If the NCAA should examine the FBI allegations that players are paid to attend certain schools:

"I think they will. But at what point do they do it? I don't know the answer. They said the FBI does not want them to examine it. There is even more evidence. I would have asked someone who take those decisions. I don't know what the answer is. I don't know what they'll do, but if it's two or three years, it's a long time. Things will be done by then. "

On compensating players:

"I don't think we should ever compensate the players. I think we can do as much as possible for the players. The cost of attendance is good. Now they receive more meals so they can keep their meals. I think they are all good things and I think Many of those things should have been done, but I don't think you can compensate the players immediately. What is the salary? How much do you pay football, men's basketball, women's basketball? We had a big lacrosse team, do we pay those kids?

"The payment thing error and everyone says the exact same thing: & # 39; It's a billion dollar deal. & # 39; No, it's not. It may have come in, but it will go to everyone else "Sport. He's not just entering basketball and keeping everything. We're bringing him in and paying for all the other sports. So in the end, I know for sure that Syracuse is zero, at the end of the year, it's gone." money in the athletics department without paying anyone.

"And everyone says:" The coach does this and the players (do nothing). "The player is 17, I have worked all my life, there are many 17-year-olds who do not make money, most of them have a scholarship of 17 for $ 75,000. And they compare it with a trainer who earns all this money. What is the comparison there? I am a grown man. I have been working for 50 years. It is not a comparison. It makes no sense. You could also say that the NBA players are not earning enough because the owner has a worth $ 2 billion, so players should earn more, it just doesn't make sense.

"I think we should do all we can for the players within the system. We have improved it. We could bring parents to the games. I think we could do this more easily. All we can do to extend the education of the players, make sure it's paid. We keep our players up there at Christmas – let's send them home. We pay for them to go home a couple of times. Why not? Why can't we do that? Why don't we? "I think they do it for others people with scholarships. I think they can get transport. Why don't we talk about it?

"And the images of the players, all right. There are many pitfalls for this, but go ahead. If Tyus Battle can make a spot in the city and make money, I'm 100% for that. It doesn't hurt anything. Let's do it And if it's something they want to trust, that's okay. "

If allowing a player to earn money from his likeness it would reduce what we are seeing in the FBI process:

"Not even a little. That company wanted to convince the players to go to school. Period. So, if a child is already getting something, it will only give him more to go to school. That's what it is. The light. "I think that will make it much less likely to happen in the future. But having said that, shoe companies have always funded teams. And they will continue to do so. What does that guy (the AAU coach or the program administrator) do ( with money), no one knows. Nobody knows. As a guy he held. The other guys usually use it to take their team around the country and play and take care of that.

"We have to do everything we can for the players. Within reasonable limits. I know that players now receive $ 1,400- $ 1,500 a month, in that area, with participation costs and money for meals and everything else. They get meals provided. And they get $ 70,000 in scholarships. Let's face it: 90 percent of those kids won't play professional basketball, so it's good enough for those kids. "

On Buddy's real name and how much he will play this season:

"Jack Boeheim. Nobody calls him that. Teachers at school, friends, I don't think anyone calls him that. I never call him that. Juli gives everyone nicknames. Buddy. Sissy (Buddy's twin sister, Jamie.) Jimmy is JJ , but he doesn't have a great nickname: he's at Cornell, they don't use Cornell nicknames, he probably goes there for James.

"Buddy has to be good enough to play. If he's good enough, he'll play and if he's not, he won't and I'll be in trouble. As simple as that. It's not hard to understand. I'm glad he got there. Not. I'd take him if he didn't prove he could play there. He went to school and showed he could play. He's improved.

"People always think that I only play eight boys. But I'll tell you this: he is the ninth man on our team right now. And guess what? We're going to play nine. That's what I can tell you now. This is a in fact, this is a guarantee. "

If you think your team could be a Final Four team:

"Well, I think the problem in college basketball is that everyone thinks. When you're good enough, you think you have a chance. We went to the Final Four twice without being in the top 5, in the top 10 (in the league) L & # 39 last year we were 10 years oldth and we got to Sweet 16. We really had a realistic shot to beat Duke in that game. So any team that is good enough thinks it can get to the Final Four. Probably not realistic, but you have to think this way.

Boeheim said that this has been his best team since 2014, but "we didn't do well in the tournament. It happens. The best team we had was 12. We had a lot of depth, a lot of guys. It was a really good team "We were really understaffed for a while."

What would you change about college basketball:

(He mentioned the players who make money from their appearance.) "I have always been against this: what will happen is & # 39; Well, if your child comes to my school, he is getting a mall for $ 100,000. & # 39. Now it's legal. You don't have to do it under the table. You can simply say, "Here, it's legal. In the end, if that's what happens, at least it's overboard, at least everyone sees it.

"Many times in many cases, the players usually go (where it is advantageous to go). Also (former Louisville recruiter Brian) Bowen, he didn't go to those schools (which offered more) because it wasn't good for him. I think "A lot of things happen and then a player goes where he thinks he should go. Not always. I'm sure it happens. But it's always happened, probably. It's not new. Now it's going to be a bit harder, I think."

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