Jimena Barón, spicy with Momo’s babysitter due to her son’s tantrum: “She’s busy”

Jimena Baron took some time for her after recording The academy and he went out to enjoy the company of his son and some of his friends to celebrate the premiere of his new song. To take care of Momo Osvaldo, invited the babysitter María to the celebration, who before a tantrum from the baby, was very relaxed and the singer sent her to the front.

Faced with a demanding request from the baby to María, her nanny was very relaxed with a glass of wine. Upon seeing her, Jimena asked her son to stop his tantrum for a bit. “But she’s busy, can’t you see she’s drinking wine? Look, toast, toast “, he expressed in a funny way. “Drink to hold it,” Baron laughed.


Jimena Baron She premiered a new song and told how the process that led her to compose this new song was like. The Academy jury hinted at how her failed reconciliation with Daniel Osvaldo, the father of her son, Morrison, was. However, he explained that it was a quick process and risky choices for his musical career.

“I love this song with all my heart. I made it on September 9 of the damn 2020 and it was my first joyous song post quarantine of evil and all its mambos. With this song joy came again (I was already much better). somehow it’s like my return to the songs that I like to compose the most. I love her, I can’t be very objective, “he said.

“It was a quick and easy delivery. I locked myself in the room, asked Momo to sit down quietly and recorded the whole melody in one (with bits of lyrics). It was quite magical (it doesn’t happen very often), I loved her. instantly and I knew I needed a feat, “wrote the Academy jury.

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