Jimena Barón with hot little problems: They came out

This time, the top was too small for his lolas so he had to resort to a fashion sin that his Instagram followers did not let him pass: “It makes me sick that the top is not well on“They told him despite the flattery.

jimena baron look top.jpg

The criticized look of Jimena Barón for La Academia

And it was true, it emphasized the shape of the breasts but Jimena Barón wore it much higher than it corresponded. And he had his reasons: “It is that they left me but”. “You can do what you want,” replied his faithful follower in the round trip in networks.

In the week in which she presented Corazón de Cement, her latest hit, Jimena Barón took a morning rest under the sun and also reflected it on her Instagram profile.

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Sunbathe where and how you can.  This was also shown during the pandemic quarantine

Sunbathe where and how you can. This was also shown during the pandemic quarantine

I leave one without filter or production, basking in the sun that enters through the balcony grills, pulled in bodice next to the tender. I am this. I love you “, the artist posted, relaxed, simple and humble from her department.

The image was applauded by his fans who also noticed another small and great detail: “a clothespin thrown by his side.”


“Give him the touch,” they told him. “Glam,” she replied, always taking time to leave her Instagram followers happy.

Accident with Momo: Watch out Jimena!

In the middle of her “show” in the stories, Jimena Barón caused a domestic accident with her son Morrison. While she was “being sexy” on the couch raising her legs, she suddenly lowered them without realizing that she was just passing by, concentrating on her cell phone, her son by the side.

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Jimena’s legs ended up on Momo’s head and the phone flew through the air: “The aifon (sic) broke,” he acknowledged.

jimena baron hit momo.jpg

Be careful with the legs that Momo passes!  Jimena Baron's son suffered his mother's sexy dance

Be careful with the legs that Momo passes! Jimena Baron’s son suffered his mother’s sexy dance

Funny, after saving the worry, showed the replay of the scene.

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