Jin Yaoyuan praises “elder sister” Zhang Zifeng’s good acting skills, child stars, brothers and sisters ABCD fit together and have love interaction_Children

Original title: Jin Yaoyuan praises “elder sister” Zhang Zifeng’s good acting skills, child stars, brothers and sisters ABCD fit together and interact with love

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Text) On July 18th, the children’s brother and sister ABCD appeared in Shanghai to attend the opening event of a summer theme pop-up store for a children’s sports lifestyle brand. At the event site, the child stars brothers and sisters ABCD had a love interaction, especially in the movie “My Sister”, Jin Yaoyuan, who played the role of the younger brother, was adorable and super eye-catching.

In the movie “My Sister”, Jin Yaoyuan played the role of his younger brother and partnered with Zhang Zifeng. His innocent and lovely acting skills captured the audience. When talking about the cooperation with the “sister” Zhang Zifeng, “uncle” Xiao Yang and others in the film, Jin Yaoyuan shared the behind-the-scenes story of the cooperation: “Because of’uncle’,’aunt’ and’sister’, Zhang Zifeng all played well. , So they cried, and I cried. But when I was in a small situation, I couldn’t cry. I would ask my mother to pinch me lightly. If it hurts a little bit, I cried.” “I like inflatable hammers, just snap Hit’uncle’, and then’uncle’ got scared and gave us pocket money.”

“My Sister” is the first feature film starring Jin Yaoyuan. It was only four and a half years old when it was filmed, and his performance was outstanding at a young age. When asked if he would continue acting in the future, he said that he has no plans for the time being, but he likes acting very much.

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In order to encourage more children to exercise happily, this event also specially invited the Shanghai Children’s Fund to jointly assist in charity activities with ABCD. The brand donated 20% of the sales of customized T-shirts to the Shanghai Children’s Fund in the form of charity sales. Yes, it will be used to build projects for the healthy growth of children. At the same time, ABCD will also donate 50,000 yuan to the Shanghai Children’s Foundation as a charity ambassador to encourage more children to exercise confidence and grow up healthily. Jin Yaojun said: “My mother told me that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. We want to use all our abilities to help those in need.”Return to Sohu to see more


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