JingOS will also be available for smartphones

After the tablet version, the developer of JingOS comes with a distribution for smartphones. He already seems to be on the right track.

Chinese developer Jingling announced end of February JingOS on. A mobile operating system made for tablets. At the time, we still wrote how the Chinese copied iPadOS almost literally. That Linux distribution now also seems to be coming for smartphones. The developer himself has shown this in a video where the OS currently only works in landscape mode.


This is only a very early demo. JingOS v 0.6 on a smartphone, however, would also be very similar to the tablet version, so there is still a lot of work to be done on the operating system. In the video we see how everything works very well in the Linux distribution and that a smartphone version is therefore not far away.

The tablet version is based on Ubuntu and will also be available for devices with ARM processors. The company is also currently working on its own tablet. It would be called the JingPad A1. The company will also start a crowdfunding to develop the device. If everything goes well, Jingling wants to start producing the tablet in July this year.

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