JIS Naming Is Not Wrong, but Can Be Made in 2 Languages


Member of DPRD DKI Jakarta Faction Gerindra Syarif believes that the naming of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) not wrong. However, he asked the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan to make the name JIS into 2 languages ​​so as not to violate the laws and regulations.

“The naming of JIS is also not wrong, only so that it can be completed in 2 languages. JIS and the Jakarta International Stadium,” said Syarif when contacted, Monday (9/5/2022).

Syarif explained further why the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government needed to provide the name of the new stadium in 2 languages. He agrees with Alvin Lie regarding the mandatory rules for naming a place or location in Indonesian.

“I agree with Alvin Lie, because the reference is clearly in Law 24/2009 Article 36 paragraph 2 and Perpres 63/2009. It clearly says ‘mandatory’, one of the obligations of the regional head is to implement the applicable regulations,” he said.

Even so, he revealed that the JIS issue could be an interesting lesson for all parties. He said the issue of the obligation to use the Indonesian language was clearly regulated in the law.

“This is an interesting lesson, regarding the obligation to use the Indonesian language for state officials, unless there are exceptions, but as far as I am familiar with the law. This matter is clear,” he said.

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