Jo Johnson is a modest, reticent and loyal parliamentarian whose resignation has left his friends in shock

Jo Johnson, modest, reticent and a bit lonely, has long been regarded by Westminster viewers as a lighter version of his sparkling older brother Boris. It & # 39; the charismatic and fluffy Bobby Ewing JR of Boris Dallas, according to a political commentator However, there was nothing pale in the hammered blood assault that Jo had launched yesterday to the Prime Minister as he openly borrowed the brother's book.

Jo Johnson (photographed outside Parliament on Friday) resigned as Transport Minister tonight, basically a loyal and moderate, his resignation statement shocked even his closest friends. One of the fiercest accusations against Theresa May was the presence of her proposals on Brexit, the nation with a choice between two deeply unattractive results, vassalage and chaos. "It was, he continued," a failure of British politics over a invisible scale from the Suez crisis. "Looking familiar?" Less than a month ago, Boris was urging the Prime Minister to take a tougher stance on the issue of Northern Ireland's backwardness, saying, "If we leave losing this, it will be the biggest national humiliation after Suez ". Boris said that if Britain left, but remained in close continuous alignment with the rules of the EU, "people were asking" what is the point of what you have achieved? "because we would have gone from a member state to a vassal state". The similarities in their language are all the more extraordinary given that the brothers are firmly rooted on opposite sides of the Brexit debate.

There was nothing pale in the continuous blood assault that Jo launched yesterday to the Prime Minister. Johnson, 46, who left the post as transport minister, is the paid member of the Michael Heseltine Europhile of the Tory party who wants to kill Brexit, hence his call for a second referendum. Boris, 54, who left the Council of Ministers in July for PM Checkers' proposals, is the standard-bearer of the urban planner Brexiteers who wants to make the cleanest break possible from Brussels. Now, they are united in a common cause on the backs because, like their sister, the journalist Rachel Johnson, said last night, "none of them wants the Brexit on offer." Boris wasted no time chirping his support yesterday but the question is: will they put the ferocious Johnson's competitiveness and personal ambition that both of us have one side working together, and what will it mean to Mrs. May if they do? They have always been close, despite a childhood that, according to Boris's biographer Andrew Gimson, was one of the exquisite "meal time quizzes, fearsome ping-pong games, height, weight and blond contests". So many – and not last. – it always seemed that it was Boris' fate one day to move to Downing Street. But Jo is the elected Member of Orpington in 2010 after a career as a journalist, who became the first Johnson to take up residence in N0 10 as head of the Downing Street Policy Unit. Boris had to settle for City Hall as mayor of London. Joao had been David Cameron's surprise choice to direct the unit in 2013 and Johnson & Minor, as it was known after following in the footsteps of Boris at Eton, enjoyed having one on his brother greater. It was not the first time that Boris had looked at Jo a little jealously. He had graduated from Oxford with a bachelor's degree in modern history, while Boris had only managed a 2: 1 in classics. Jo then earned two additional titles from European universities.

One of Jo's most ferocious claims against Theresa May was that his proposals on Brexit "present the nation with a choice between two deeply unattractive results, vassalage and chaos". He did not help when he was working on the 2015 Tory manifesto. The first draft was rejected as "useless". But he persevered and strengthened, and after Tory's electoral victory, he was awarded the post of minister for universities and science. Today he is considered an important member of the Remainer clan in the Tory parliamentary party known as "Sensibles", led by former PM PM Damian Green, by Chancellor Philip Hammond, former home secretary Amber Rudd and Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish bulls. Mgr's resignation was seen by most MPs for what it was: the former ambitious foreign secretary who was preparing for a challenge to Mrs May on what she describes as her "unbalanced" plan of Dama. But Jo's decision to go is not about personal ambition, according to his friends, but because he sees the possibility of making a face at Brexit. He was also unhappy as a transport minister, having been moved aside in the last reshuffle. Rachel Johnson, an ardent Remainer, said last night that she did not expect any family tension and would play tennis against Jo this morning as usual. she let him win in recognition of her principle decision to resign. "No," she answered. "He always hits me anyway." Both brothers would continue to "fight their corners", he added. If Boris and Jo choose to create a new alliance from the left and the right of the party in any battle of command, they will be a formidable duo. And Mrs. May knows it.

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