Joan Carles' pillow and 'selfie' with Rajoy: a celebration of the ex-Constitution


The Spanish press has been full for weeks. That if Joan Carles de Borbón will not be invited to the fortieth anniversary of the Constitution, that if now, that if the new king wants him to land, like the tachographs, and if "what a shame". It was the eternal dilemma whether to invite the former to the holidays, which were resolved in favor of the Bourbons, despite the obvious risk and that ended up consume the attention. Shortly before the beginning of the solemn act, the simple chairs, from the simplest model that can be found in the pompous Congress, appear, in fact, to flee to welcome the exrei and his wife and also the exiles, Sofia of Greece, silent protagonist of a morning of celebrations and many returns.

Felipe VI's father arrives in front of his son, without much pomp, unlike the solemn entrance of the current head of state, preceded by a silence from those who no one commands but everyone obeys. Aware of the controversy, the deputies, senators and relevant figures of recent Spanish history present at the ceremony give a long applause, which receives Juan Carles without paying much attention. The retired monarch is committed to ensuring comfort in the red chair, which ends up providing a cushion that positions an assistant in the military.

From here, Joan Carles sees the tribute happen. Ana Pastor praises her and applauds again, joined by Philip and Leticia, Princess Elionor and Infanta Sofia. The applauses are made long by the two monarchs on the threshold, and stop applauding before the majority. Elionor and Sofia, sitting in a way aligned with their parents, do not realize it and continue up to the great voice of the glasses that no longer touches and warns her sister.

But the party of the Constitution is a former party not just for the presence of the two monarchs. There are also four former presidents in front of him. And among these, the last one, Mariano Rajoy, is the one that most captures the attention. He is in power in Congress after the motion and shows once again his particular charisma as a normal man, explaining that he is "in love" with his new life and that he goes out to walk every day. This affability places Rajoy over Aznar, Zapatero and González in the list of favorites for making reeds, and this is noted at the reception after official talks. Gonzalez and Aznar, left, depart immediately after the act, and only he and Zapatero are left to make stools and the couch brave. And while the socialist is dedicated to making some "corrillo" commenting on political news, Rajoy is made a tail of fans to become autobiographical with him, that the registrar gladly accepts. "You're happy," they murmur about being around.


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