Joan Pujol ceases to be general secretary of job promotion after 35 years


Until now, the general secretary of employment promotion, Joan Pujol, has left the position after 35 years in the exercise of this responsibility. Pujol left the general secretary the same week in which the espolítico Josep Sánchez Llibre took over the presidency of the great Catalan employer to replace Joaquim Gay de Montellà.

The replacement of Pujol as the first manager of the Foment structure will be David Tornos, who is currently the director of the international department of the association of Catalan employers.

Foment announced on Friday, in a statement, that Joan Pujol conveyed his intention to withdraw from the position of both the new president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre, and the vice presidents of the institution. Sánchez Llibre, who was proclaimed new president on 5 November, thanked Pujol for his years of dedication and underlined his commitment to the Catalan business world.

To replace Pujol, Sánchez Llibre will propose the name of David Tornos to the board meeting on December 3. Tornos, who is currently the director of the International Employers Department, is also a member of the Cidob advisory committee, the Committee on International Relations and the European Union's CEO, among other positions.
A graduate in economics and economics from the University of Barcelona (UB), Joan Pujol Segarra assumed the role of general secretary of Foment of Treball in 1983.


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