Joanna Górska leaves POLSAT. It reveals plans for the future

Joanna Górska has worked in Polsat station for 12 years and ran, among others, the morning service “Nowy Dzień”. A few years ago, all of Poland kept its fingers crossed for her when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Joanna Górska says goodbye to Polsat

Joanna Górska boasted a photo from the holidays. The view behind her is WORLDWIDE

Joanna Górska decided to change her life. She informed fans that she was leaving Polsat. Yesterday was the last day at work:

07/30/2021 – the last day of work in Telewizja Polsat and Polsat News. Ostrobramska 77 – it was my second home for twelve years. A piece of life. I take with me memories of great shows with fantastic people. Thank you! – writes the journalist.

He reveals that sometimes it was like a war, but then the profession was loved the most. She compared that a journalist is like a sapper, you never know if something will explode somewhere.

I already miss Polsat and Polsat News viewers, you always gave a lot of good energy all morning ???? We know your joys, plans, troubles and worries, and even dogs, cats and chickens ???? You are wonderful! I keep moving forward… with ambitious plans and ideas on how to live my life well. As a freelancer, I’m going to work for TV stations, so I’m not giving up my profession at all. See you in the fall on another air, I will tell you more if I can – revealed Górska.

Joanna Górska fought breast cancer a year ago. She showed NO hair

She added that she was going to put a lot of effort into conducting trainings and media trainings.

My company, the Good Image Department, is highly recommended ???? I invite you if you want to do well in front of the camera. Just KRS and we are starting projects at the Silni Sobie Foundation. We will support couples (sick and supporters) after cancer or with chronic diseases. I will not say that the decision on such radical changes was easy … the future will show if it is right. I believe so – wrote Górska.

Krzysztof Ibisz said goodbye to his colleague from work. He wrote an extensive comment under the post. She recalls that they had a lot of adventures together. He also did not forget that she once helped him at work:

Asiu Kochana, so many joint television mornings in Warsaw, at the seaside, in the mountains (5 am pushing the car because he could not drive on the ice) ????, so many professional adventures and hours on the road. Thank you for your support when I started working at Polsat News. I could always count on you. Good luck on your way. Hug – wrote Ibisz.

Joanna Górska

Joanna Górska Photo. Kurnikowski / AKPA

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