Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Trump Tatters the US All

WILMINGTON, KOMPAS.COM – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appearing in public on his debut campaign together the day after Harris was selected as the vice presidential candidate ( cawapres) companion Biden.

Speaking Wednesday afternoon (12/08/2020) at the Alexis I DuPont School gym in Wilmington, Delaware, the town where Biden lives, the two Democrats criticized the incumbent Donald Trump who will be their opponents in the upcoming November 3 presidential election.

“Donald Trump “He has started his attack by calling Kamala a bad woman, it is not surprising because that is what Trump’s strong point is to keep on whining, the most good nagging president in the history of the United States (US),” Biden quipped. BBC.

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“Is anyone surprised that Trump feels threatened and has a problem with a tough woman like Kamala? “Biden continued.

Harris is no less scathing in criticizing the 74-year-old president.

“President Trump inherited a healthy economy from his predecessors Obama and Biden, but like everything else he held, he destroyed it in an instant.”

The California senator said this would be the result of electing a president who was incompetent and did not understand his responsibility in dealing with many things from the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic crisis and racial unrest that hit the US.

“America is in tatters and our reputation is damaged around the world.”

Calling Trump a threat that must be removed immediately, Harris believes in 83 days, the American people can choose a brighter future for their country.

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Biden’s warm praise to Harris

On the same occasion, Biden gave warm compliments to Harris, the first African-American and Asian-American woman to become a vice president in US history.

The former Obama deputy named Harris as an example of a successful “American Story” that fights for the middle class.

“Kamala is smart and tough,” Biden praised. Harris responded warmly by saying Biden is a figure who fights for the people without strings attached.

The 77-year-old veteran politician has also repeatedly emphasized Harris’s experience as a major factor in him being selected as his running mate.

“Kamala understands how to rule. He knows how to make tough decisions. Kamala is ready to carry out this task from day one, ”said Biden.

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As is well known, Harris has had a long political experience since pursuing his career as a prosecutor in the Alameda area, California, then being elected as Attorney General for the state of California to become a Senator.

Currently, the 55-year-old woman politician sits on two prestigious commissions in the US Senate, namely the law commission and the intelligence commission.

He has also been frequently praised for his sharp interrogation skills when investigating a number of potential Trump cabinet ministers and key witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial.

Biden also considered Harris’s experience as a presidential candidate in the primaries (primary) Democrats last year tested Harris’ political stamina.

Although this failed, this woman of Indian and Jamaican descent has shown her political maturity to serve as vice president.

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As for Biden and Harris, they had known each other before. This personal relationship is also believed to be another factor that made Biden make his choice to Douglas Emhoff’s wife.

Harris was introduced to the Biden family by Biden’s late son, Beau Biden when the two served as Attorney General in their respective states.

Beau passed away in May 2015 of brain cancer. Beau’s death made Biden grieve for a long time which finally made him decide not to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Biden has repeatedly said he is more comfortable with a familiar cawapres figure and from a number of names on the short list or shortlist, Harris has these advantages.

Ticket presidential candidate Biden-Harris will be formally nominated at the Democratic National Convention to be held next week from August 17-20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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