Joe Biden gets in third TV debate again criticism from the competition

TV debate

For Biden and Warren (right) it was the first confrontation on the television stage.

(Photo: AFP)

Houston, Washington Former US Democratic presidential favorite Joe Biden, ex-vice-president, has had to defend himself once again against attacks by his party rivals. In the third round of Democrat television debates during the night of Friday in Houston, Texas, former US Housing Minister Julian Castro, for example, approached him sharply several times.

On health policy, Castro Biden claimed that he had completely changed his position on a detail within two minutes. Castro asked Biden if he had forgotten what he had said two minutes earlier – which was a swipe at Biden's age. At 76, Biden is one of the Democrats' oldest presidential candidates.

Also on migration policy Biden was again criticized. Asked whether he considers mass deportations to be a mistake in the reign of then President Barack Obama, Biden said he was vice-president and not president. Castro then accused his party colleague that he could boast not on the one hand for the Obama years and on the other hand, on uncomfortable topics of the time away. Biden had already been confronted with this criticism during the second round of TV debates in Detroit in late July.

On the subject of health policy, Biden fought intensively with the two left-wing senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are also considered to be promising candidates. However, here Biden was even aggressive and accused the two, among other things, their plans are not financeable.

Unlike the previous two rounds of TV debate, this time there was only one evening when all ten Democrats who qualified for the debate were on stage together. In Houston, all presidential hopefuls met with the best odds for a candidacy directly on each other. For Biden and Warren it was the first confrontation on the television stage.

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