Joe Biden visits Vietnam to sign a strategic partnership between the two countries looking at China

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After taking the lead in the meetings of the G-20 about prioritizing aid to developing countries, those of the so-called On Globalthe American president, Joe Biden, finished the summit on Sunday and quickly took a plane to Vietnam. A brief stop before returning home that is key to counteracting China’s influence in the region.

The most important announcement after the landing of Biden in Hanoi It has been an agreement in which the Southeast Asian country has elevated the relationship with the United States to a “comprehensive strategic partnership.”

It is a symbolic designation, but with great geopolitical weight. Now, both countries share the highest status in terms of bilateral relations, equaling the level that authoritarian regimes such as China and Russia.

Vietnam also functions as a one-party regime, but is interested in rapprochement with its former enemy, Washingtondue to the many problems it has with neighboring China regarding claims in the disputed waters they share.

This new alliance comes almost half a century after the end of the Vietnam war. After the victory of the Communist Party in 1975, the United States imposed a trade embargo that remained until 1994.

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