Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner: You have to cope with loss of dog Waldo


Waldo, the dog of actress Sophie Turner (23, “Game of Thrones”) and husband Joe Jonas (29), is said to have been hit by a car in New York. The reports the US promiportal “TMZ”, A spokesman for Jonas described the incident as a “tragic accident”.

According to “TMZ” the accident had already occurred on Wednesday in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The dog-sitter of the couple had therefore Waldo on a leash when he was frightened by a pedestrian, broke loose and ran onto the street. There, a car drove the Alaskan Klee Kai race dog and fatally injured him. According to the TMZ report, the couple reported the accident to the police. However, it has not yet publicly commented on the sad incident.

Since April 2018 he belonged to the family

Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner caught up with Waldo in April 2018. Previously, the musician had already given as a surprise his friend's brother, Porky Basquiat Jonas. Waldo was posted by Porky on Instagram with a touching mail Welcomed in the Jonas-Turner family: “My parents and I have adopted my real brother, may I introduce: Waldo Picasso Jonas.”

Turner and Jonas got engaged in October 2017 after about a year of relationship. At the end of June, they gave their second jubilee in southern France. In early May, the celebrity couple had just married in Las Vegas just hours after the Billboard Music Awards.


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