John Legere is leaving T-Mobile US

Mike Sievert and John Legere

Mike Sievert (left) is to take over the leadership of T-Mobile US in the future, the previous CEO John Legere (right) resigns.

(Photo: AP)

Dusseldorf Everything is choreographed for John Legere. His departure as CEO of T-Mobile US staged the manager with a photo in party optics: He sits with a T-shirt in the corporate color magenta on a chair, confetti flies through the air, Legere laughs expansively.

The manager is totally in his element. The big show is what sets it apart. And that's also what made him so successful. In the seven years at the helm of the mobile phone, he has the US subsidiary of German Telekom one sales and customer record after another brings.

Just in the midst of the biggest takeover of his career, Legere announces its withdrawal. On May 1, the 61-year-old will head the presidency and COO of T-Mobile US, Mike Sievert, passed.

The company is currently in the midst of its $ 26 billion merger with its rival sprint, Although both companies have all the necessary licenses for the merger of the US federal authorities, the decision on a lawsuit from the states is still pending.

Last week, Legere had already been traded as a possible candidate for the chief post by the office space broker WeWork. The reports were later denied.

Sievert faces a major challenge: Legere brought the economist to T-Mobile seven years ago. Since then, Sievert had implemented Legere's aggressive strategy internally, while Legere had outwardly been the face of T-Mobile US.

“Since I hired him in 2012, Mike Sievert was my mentee, my secret weapon, and my friend.”Legere explained on the text message service Twitter. Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges wrote on Sievert on LinkedIn: “We are happy to have such an experienced, passionate and results-oriented leader.”

Sievert announced its intention to focus fully on the merger with Sprint. With the establishment of the united enterprise the company is able to change the mobile landscape in the USA. “This heralds the beginning of a new chapter for T-Mobile,” Sievert said.

For several months, Sievert has been the designated successor to Legere. “He's the architect of Legere's strategy,” said a senior telecom manager. “But Sievert is still shy. He first has to show that he can also represent T-Mobile well, “said the manager, who did not want to be named.

The Telekom plans already for the time after the merger with Sprint. To date, T-Mobile US has positioned itself as an agile attacker against the two largest US telecommunications brands AT & T and Verizon with focus on end customers. In the future, Telekom wants to position itself more strongly in the USA as a partner for companies. Sievert should prepare exactly for that.

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More: 5G at Bargain Price and Free Internet for Kids: T-Mobile Launches Mega Campaign in the US. The new offers and benefits come a few weeks before the start of the state's trial against the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

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